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Piltdown Pond

Piltdown Pond

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Piltdown pond is a large 4 acre picturess pond located about two miles north-west of Uckfield. Piltdown pond is no longer controled by the local Piltdown Golf Club. The water is in the control of Copthorne & District Angling Society (C&DAS). The water holds some large carp to 31lb, tench to 7lb+, bream to 6lb, roach, rudd, perch to 3lb, eels to 5lb 8oz and some large pike which are rumoured to reach 28lb. The water is very spacious with each swim offering a large area of fishing space to the fisherman due to the swims being spread far apart from each other. Copthorne & District Angling Society plan to make improvements to the lake including creating a new car park, swim improvements, desilting the pond, weed control, stocking the water with more fish and creating an island at the top end of the pond.

Fishing Lake

Piltdown Pond - a large oval shaped 4 acre pond located next to the local golf course.

Piltdown Pond

Piltdown Pond is a picturess, round shaped 4 acre pond. The water has some very appealing features including many reed and weed beds in the margins and a section of overhanging trees and bushes to the right of the pond. The flat swims are virtually level with the waters edge and peer between the many reed and weed beds. There are approximately 15 fishable swims, most of which can hold two people at a time. The waters depths range from very shallow in the margins to a maximum of 4 feet in the deepest regions of the pond.

Piltdown Pond

Mirror Carp

Mirror Carp 28lb

Common Carp

Common Carp - 20lb+


Perch - 3lb


Tench - 7lb+


Eel - 5lb +


Bream - 6lb


Roach - 1lb


Rudd -1lb


Pike - 28lb



Features: Overhanging trees and bushes, Reeds, Weed beds
Lake Size: 4 acres
Lake Depth: 3-5ft
Swims: 15


Fishery Facilities


Toilets: No

Disabled Access: --

Car Park: Yes

Night Fishing: --

Tackle Shop: No

Camping: No

Food and Drink: No

Caravaning: No

Club House: No

Accommodation: No

Cafe: No

Showers: No


* Juniors under the age of 14 can fish for free at Piltdown Pond providing they are accompanied by an adult.

Contact Details

Address: Piltdown, East Sussex
Telephone: 01825 723371

Club: Copthorne & District Angling Society (CDAS) >>


Piltdown pond is located about two miles north-west of Uckfield in the tiny village of Piltdown next to Piltdown Golf Course.

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Fishery Rules

  1. Take all litter away with you
  2. No fires
  3. Leave the water as you would like to find it
  4. Unhooking mats must be used for large fish

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