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Tanyard Fishery Lakes

Tanyard Fishery was created since 1987 and is Owned by Bernard and Sharon Brown, there is 30 Acres of mature Aquatic landscape where specimen hunters and novices alike can find a lake to suit there needs.

Tanyard Fisheries is made up of seven lakes: three general lakes, one carp free lake, and three specimen lakes. The lakes between them hold most species of fish including:- common carp, mirror carp, crucian carp, bream, tench, roach, rudd, pumpkinseed, perch, pike, catfish, and eels. The fish are in perfect condition and there are many specimen fish including carp to 38lb+, tench to 8lb 8oz, bream to 7lb, perch to 4lb, catfish to 41lb, and pike to 30lb. Tanyard Fishery is located in Furners Green near Haywards Heath in East Sussex. The lakes and surrounding settings are well maintained and truley picturess, supporting a host of diverse wildlife. The grounds have a number of facilities including car parks, toilets with sinks, a cafe and tackle shop.

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fish species

Mirror Carp Common Carp grass carp Roach Koi Tench
Mirror Carp:
38lb +
Common Carp:
Grass Carp:
Crucian Carp:
Koi: 6lb Tench: 8lb 8oz
Bream Rudd Roach Catfish Pike Perch
Bream : 7lb Rudd: 2lb Roach: 2lb Catfish: 70lb+ Pike: 25lb Perch : 4lb+

fishing lakes (7 )

Coarse Pool 1 - Lake 1 - the first lake you will see when entering Tanyards. A small circular shaped pond.
Coarse Pool 2 - Lake 2 - the 2nd lake is an oval shaped, 1 acre pond next to the lodge.
Coarse Pool 3 - Lake 3 - the 3rd lake is a 1/2 acre water.
Lake 4 (carp free lake) - a 1 acre lake with an island located next to the lodge.
Lake 5 (specimen lake 1) - a 2 acre lake with many features.
Lake 6 (specimen lake 2) - a 1.5 acre lake with many features including large amount of lillies.
Lake 7 (specimen lake 3) - a picturess 4 acre lake with many features.

Coarse Pool 1 - Fishing Lake 1

The smallest on the complex at only 1/3 acre this pool has a prominent Stocking of Crucians, Tench, Rudd and Roach a good spot for Crucian hunters and novices. The pond is one of the first waters you come across when you reach the fishing car park. The water is surrounded by over hanging trees and bushes apart from the car park side of the pond where the swims are located. House Pond is a very shallow water with the deepest regions reaching appoximately 3 feet. Baits which work well on this water include maggots, luncheon meat, sweetcorn and bread.

House Pond

Mirror Carp Common Carp Roach tench Roach
Mirror Carp : 6lb Common Carp : 6lb Crucian Carp:
Tench: 3lb Roach: 8oz
Rudd: 8oz        

Features: Overhanging trees and bushes
Lake Size: 1/3 acre
Lake Depth: 3ft
Swims: 4

Coarse Pool 2 - Fishing Lake 2

This pool is set with a central island and sunken tree holding carp to 23lb & there are a good head of 4lb to 12lb carp, there are bream to 8lb and Tench to 7lb plus some roach and Rudd to 1lb. There are catfish to 30lb and a mixture of koi ghost and grass carp.

This water is very popular amongst fisherman due to the pond being located next to the car park, the cafe and the toilets. Great Pond is packed with features including lilly pads, reeds, weed beds, an island and a few overhanging trees and bushes. The ponds depths range from 3-5 feet. The water has approximately 10-12 swims that are generally slightly sloped grass banks. Pretty much any bait you care to use will work on this water including luncheon meat, sweetcorn, maggots, casters, lobworm, bread, dog biscuits and boilies.
Great Pond

Mirror Carp Common Carp grass carp Ghost Carp Koi Catfish
Mirror Carp : 23lb Common Carp : 23lb Grass Carp:
Ghost Carp: ?lb Koi: ?lb Catfish: 30lb
Roach Bream tench Rudd Roach
Crucian Carp:
Bream : 7lb Tench: 7lb+ Rudd: 1lb Roach: 1lb

Features: Lilly pads, Weed beds, Reeds, A few overhanging trees and bushes, Island
Lake Size: 1 acre
Lake Depth: 3-5ft
Swims: 10-12

Coarse Pool 3 - Fishing Lake 3

Is a similar stocking to coarse pool 2 with a slightly bigger head of silver fish, the carp run to 23lb and the bream and tench run to 8lb and with a larger head in size of roach and Rudd that go to 2lb the perch run to 3lb and the crucians run to 3lb. This is very much a featured pool with a good variation in depth.

Banky Fork

Mirror Carp Common Carp Roach tench Roach
Mirror Carp : 12lb Common Carp : 10lb Crucian Carp:
Tench: 2lb Roach: 8oz
Rudd Perch      
Rudd: 8oz Perch : 1lb      

Features: Overhanging trees and bushes
Lake Size: 1/2 acre
Lake Depth: 7ft
Swims: 5-6

Carp Free Lake - Fishing Lake 4

The Carp Free Lake is a small oval shaped lake that is approximately one acre in size. The water has a number of features including the odd patch of reeds in the margins, a few overhanging trees and bushes and an island. The lake has depths of upto 4-5 feet. There are approximately 10-15 swims that are flat, grassy pegs that are pretty much level with the water. Successful baits include sweetcorn, lobworm, maggots, casters and bread.

This lake is a little gem with some cracking specimens beneath its water, the bream and tench run to 8lb and the perch have been landed to 4lb+ the roach and Rudd have grown to and impressive 2lb goldfish run to 6lb a and the koi'a also run to 6lb.

Carp Free Lake

Koi tench Bream Roach Rudd Perch
Koi & goldfish :
Tench: 8lb Bream : 7lb Roach: 2lb Rudd: 2lb Perch : 4lb+

Features: A few overhanging trees and bushes, 2 islands, Reeds, Weed beds, Lilly pads
Lake Size: 1 acre
Lake Depth: 5-6ft
Swims: 10-15

Specimen Carp Fishing Lake 5

This is one of 3 specimen lakes all have thee own character specimen 1 is ideal for stalking and close in feature fishing. The carp run to 30+ with some cracking fully scaled mirror and linear carp. There is a good chance of a 20lb carp here with a good head also ranging from 13lb to upper teens,this lake also is our pike water with the biggest pushing 25lb a great predator lake when there on the feed.

The lake is a large spiral shaped lake that is approximately 2 acres in size. The waters features include a drainage inlet, a drainage outlet, some large patches of weed beds, many reed beds in the margins, patches of lilly pads, an island, and overhanging vegetation. The lake has depths of upto 6-7 feet. There are approximately 15 swims that are generally flat, grassy and low to the waters edge. Successful baits include luncheon meat, lobworm, boilies and sprats.

Specimen Lake

Mirror Carp Common Carp Pike
Mirror Carp:
Common Carp:
Pike: 25lb

Features: Drainage inlet, Drainage outlet, Reed beds in the margins, Weed beds, Lilly pads, Overhanging vegetation, Island
Lake Size: 2 acres
Lake Depth: 6-7ft
Swims: 15

Specimen Carp Fishing - Lake 6

This is the smallest of all 3 specimen lakes with a select amount of larger carp to 38lb. A big hit among the serious carp angler as its known to produce a 30lb+ carp, with a good head of upper 20's backing them up, a challenging lake with great rewards

The lake is an oval shaped water that is approximately 1.5 acres in size. The lake is teaming with large bunches of lilly pads thickly scattered around the margins. The water also has a water inlet, a water outlet, a small island, reed beds in the margins and the odd bits of overhanging vegetation. There are approximately 6-8 swims on the specimen carp

Specimen Lake

Mirror Carp Common Carp
Mirror Carp : 38lb Common Carp : 25lb

Features: Drainage inlet, Drainage outlet, Reed beds in the margins, Overhanging vegetation, Island
Lake Size: 1.5 acres
Lake Depth: 6ft
Swims: 6-8

Specimen Carp Fishing and Catfish - Lake 7

The biggest of the 3 specimen lakes and with good reason with Catfish to 70lb+ which if hooked you will make use of the lake in giving you a fight to remember, the carp go to 34lb+ in which multiple catches can be a common occurrence if you get them feeding.

The lake is equipped with numerous features including a drainage inlet and outlet, reed beds, weed beds, lilly pads and overhanging trees and vegetation. The water has approximately 30-35 flat, grass banked swims that are nearly level with the waters edge.

Specimen Carp Lake

Mirror Carp Common Carp Catfish
Mirror Carp : 34lb Common Carp : 30lb Catfish: 70lb+

Features: Drainage inlet, Drainage outlet, Reed and weed beds in the margins, Lilly pads, Overhanging vegetation
Lake Size: 4 acres
Lake Depth: 7ft
Swims: 20

The Lodge

The Lodge is situated on the left of the fishery between Lake 2, Lake 3 and Lake 4. Tickets must be purchased from the lodge. The lodge is stocked with a small amount of basic tackle and bait such as boilies and luncheon meat. The lodge also sells snacks, drinks, and hot food through the day including a great fried breakfast.

Fishing Lodge


Cafe Disabled Access Night Fishing Car Parking Shower Room Toilets Tackle Shop

ticket prices

Day Tickets (From 7am to 7pm)
£10 for one rod
£15 for two rods
£18 for three rods

There are No Bookings or Swim Reservations, we work on a first come basis.
* Night tickets must be organised by arrangement
* Night tickets are priced per day with a minimum of a 2 rods for overnight fishing
For example 2 rods for 2 days 1 night is £28 this is from the time you arrive on your first day between 7 am to 7.15pm until the time you decide to leave on your last paid day at 7.15pm

There are no Non-paying overnight guests- all guest have to pay the full ticket price.

* Open 7 days a week
Automatic Gates open at 7am and close at 7.15pm there is no admission after these hours except in medical

contact details

Contact: Fishery Manager Chris Page, Owners Bernard & Sharon Brown
Address: Tanyard Lane, Furners Green, Danehill (Near Uckfield), East Sussex, TN22 3RL
Telephone: 07833 532842



From East Grinstead: follow the A22 south, at Wych Cross turn right on to the A275 signposted to Lewes. Go through the village of Danehill, one mile after the village you will pass Heaven Farm Camping & Caravan Park on your right hand side, 200 yards past the farm turn left at the small cross roads, go 100 yards to the tee junction, turn left again, you are now in Tanyard Lane, the fishery is half a mile down the lane on your right hand side.

From Uckfield: follow the A22 north through Uckfield, drive through Nutley, turn left immediately after the Wok Inn Chinese Resteraunt / Ganges Hotel, this will place you on Beaconsfield Road, follow this road for about one mile, turn left onto Stone Quarry Road (if you reach the end of the road you have gone to far), drive a short way down this road until you see a fork in the road with an old white signpost, turn left down Tanyard Lane, follow the country lane for about a mile, you will see Tanyards on your left (If you reach the end of the lane you have gone about half a mile to far)

Tanyard fisheries is located near Danehill just off the A275. When travelling north up the A275, turn right on to Tanyard Lane about 400 metres before Danehill. The fishery is half way down Tanyard Lane on the right hand side.


user reviews

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"seems to be a poor stock of fish"

"Poor fishery, rude staff, cafe and bait is hugely overpriced, also seems to be a poor stock of fish 5 rods over 2 days and no bite! will not be coming back.!".
review from Toby Young

"what a fishery!!"

"What a fishery!!...its got it all...great look, great food and a lot of very good fish!".
review from little fish

"Cracking fishing venue"

"A cracking fishing venue, my favourite place to fish in East
Sussex... loads of healty, good sized fish and some well maintained grounds".
review from dean

user tips

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"takes on plum boilies "

"Took 5 carp to 16lb on lake 3 with plum flavoured boilies on a night fishing sesh".
tips from Paddy

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