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Amazon Wood Fishery

Amazon Wood Fishery

Amazon Wood Fishery is a three lake fishery situated in 20 acres of peaceful Polegate woodland. The fishery was up until three years ago a series of eight 60 year old brick pits until the owner of Amazon Wood Fishery transformed the overgrown, deteriorated pits into three highly prolific fishing venues.


Barrets Park Farm

Barrets Park Farm - Heathfield

Barrets Park Farm lakes are situated in the Old Heathfield area of Heathfield. There are two lakes on the farm, one is about 2-3 acres and the smaller one is just under an acre. The smaller lake is the more picturess and the more sheltered of the two.


no lake photo

Batbrook Pond - Berwick - Club only

Batbrook Pond is located in Berwick and is controlled by Southdown Angling Association. This water has no Close Season restrictions.


Belfry Fishery

Belfry Fishery - Hellingly

Belfry Fishery is located on a quiet rural farm just off of the A22 near Hailsham. The fishery consists of two lakes, one sizing under one acre and the other about 2-3 acres. The smaller lake has been producing the larger fish of the waters. The lakes contain roach and rudd to 2lb, tench to 3lb, crucian carp, some large perch to 5lb and some beautiful carp upto 25lb


no lake photo

Billingham Lake - Udimore - Club only

Billingham is a very shallow lake located in Udimore on Billingham farm. The maximum number of anglers allowed on this water is 12, or 6 cars. The water contains a lot of small carp that reach 6lb, a number of small roach and rudd to 1lb, small tench to just over 2lb and some small eels.


Brick Farm Trout Fishery

Brick Farm Trout Fishery

Set in 90 acres of charming East Sussex country side is Brick Farm Lakes, a day ticket trout fishery made up of 2 fishing lakes (Well lake & Brick Lake) that total around 4 acres. The lakes are regularly stocked with Brown and Rainbow trout from 11/2lb to 10lb+ with current lake records of 20lb Rainbow trout and 18lb 6oz Brown trout. Both lakes have good access with parking right next to each lake.


Broomham Ponds

Broomham Ponds - Catsfield - Club only

Broomham has two waters together covering around 3 acres. The water and surroundings support a lot of wildlife. Broomham lacks in size but makes up in sizable quality of coarse fish. The top pond holds a number of small roach and a few carp.


Buckshole Reservoir

Buckshole Reservoir - Hastings

Buckshole Reservoir is a large, deep 8 acre water located in Hastings in the relaxing Alexandra Park. The water and surroundings support a lot of wildlife including a large variety of ducks and a few swans. Buckshole Reservoir supports a sizeable number of coarse fish for the match fisherman, some very large carp for the carp enthusiast and some very good sized pike


no lake photo

Cinderford Pond - Hailsham - Club only

Cinderford Pond is located in Golden Cross and is controlled by Southdown Angling Association. This water enforces a close season from 14th March to 15th June.


Clive Vale Reservoirs

Clive Vale Reservoirs

Clive Vale reservoirs are a popular water amongst junior anglers and match anglers due to the variety of good sized fish and due to the scores of small carp. Clive Vale Reservoirs are two small reservoirs that size about 2-3 acres in total. Clive Vale reservoirs are located half way down Harold Road opposite the shop. The water is owned by Clive Vale Angling Club but day ticket fishing is welcomed.


Curls Farm

Curls Farm - Golden Cross - Club only

Curls Farm is located in the tiny village of Ripe situated near Golden Cross. Curls Farm is controlled by Southdown Angling Association. This water has no Close Season restrictions.


Danesfield Wood Lake

Danesfield Wood Lake, Crowborough Angling Club

A picturesque little 1 acre lake nestled away in woodland that is around 5 feet deep. The lake is well stocked with carp and in 2011 an additional 453 leather, common and mirror were added weighing up to 2lb, the lake also holds Ghost carp. Danesfield Wood Lake is an ideal water for stalking with many otherhanging trees and bushes.


Darwell Reservoir

Darwell Reservoir - Robertsbridge

Darwell Reservoir is a huge, deep 128 acre water located on the outskirts of Robertsbridge in a village called Mountfield. The water is a bit of an unknown. Darwell Reservoir had been a trout fishery since 1948 until two years ago when it became a coarse fishery. The true size of many of the reservoirs fish are still a mystery due to the vastness in size of the reservoir and the short period of time the water has been a coarse fishery. What is known is that the water holds some huge predatory fish including pike to 30lb+ and eels to 6lb+.


Decoy Lake

Decoy Lake - Hassocks Angling Club

Decoy Fishery holds a mix of fish species including Carp, Tench, Crucian Carp, Chub, Perch, Roach and Rudd. Suitable for all anglers of any level, though recommended for first time anglers to Hassocks fishery waters.


Falkenvil Fishery Lakes

Falkenvil Fishery Lakes, near Hailsham

Falkenvil Coarse fishery is a made up of 5 fishing lakes located between the towns of Eastbourne and Hailsham. This day ticket venue has well stocked lakes that hold a mix of fish with carp up to around 30lb, catfish to nearly 50lb along with tench, barbel, bream, roach, chub and perch. Facilities: Parking and toilets, disabled access, the majority of swims are accessible by motor vehicle (weather permitting).


Framfield Fishery

Framfield Fishery - Framfield

Framfield Fishery is a three lake fishery set in peaceful country surroundings on the outskirts of Framfield. The fishery consists of 3 lakes, two of which, Spring Lake and Brookhouse Lake are dedicated to the match angler and the other, Burywood Lake is dedicated to the specimen hunter.


Furnace Brook Fishery

Furnace Brook Fishery, near Hailsham

Located in the village of Cowbeech, a short distance from Hailsham is Furnace Brook Fishery and Fish Farm. This mature day ticket coarse fishery is set in peaceful and picturesque secluded valley in the Sussex High Weald with the surrounding area supporting some stunning wildlife.


Harmers Pond

Harmers Pond - Hastings

Harmers pond is located in Alexandra Park. The lake is a relaxing sussex coarse fishing venue that covers 2acres. The lake has recently been restored and restocked to its once former glory, after receiving a grant from the national lottery fund.


no lake photo

Hempstead Pond - Hailsham - Club only

Hempstead Ponds consists of three ponds located near Hailsham in Hempstead Lane. The ponds are controlled by Southdown Angling Association. This water has no Close Season restrictions.


Holmes Hill Fishery

Holmes Hill Fishery - Golden Cross

Holmes Hill has been removed, we believe fishing is no longer available at this venue.

Horam Manor Fisheries

Horam Manor Fishery - Horam

Horam Manor fishery is a nine water fishery located on the Horam Manor grounds just off the A267. The waters are spread across miles of secluded woods which team with woodland wildlife including a number of kingfishers. The complex offers a number of facilities to the visitor including tea rooms, toilets, car park, caravan/camping site, nature trails and museums.


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