Top Predator Fishing Venues in East Sussex

Some of the best places to go pike, catfish, perch and eel fishing in East Sussex.

Buckshole Reservoir

Top Carp FisheriesBuckshole Reservoir supports a number of good sized pike to 20lb+.

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Buckshole Reservoir
Location: Hastings, East Sussex
Largest Fish: 20lb pike, 3lb perch, 4lb+ eels
Club: Hastings and Bexhill Fishing Club


Darwell Reservoir

Darwell ReservoirDarwell Reservoir is a huge, deep 128 acre water located on the outskirts of Robertsbridge in a village called Mountfield. The water is a bit of an unknown. What is known is that the water holds some huge predatory fish including pike to 30lb+ and eels to 6lb+.

Darwell Reservoir
Location: Mountfield, East Sussex
Largest Fish: 30lb pike, 3lb perch, 7lb eels


Wishing Tree ReservoirPiltdown Pond

Piltdown is a spacious lake that holds some large eels to 5lb 8oz, Perch to 3lb and some large pike which are rumoured to reach 28lb.

Piltdown Pond
Location: Piltdown, East Sussex
Largest Fish: 28lb pike, 3lb perch, 5lb+ eels
Website: www.copthorneangling.co.uk


Rye Nook

Rye Nook Rye Nook is a mixed fishery that supports some huge specimen fish with predators liek eels weighing up to 8lb and perch to 2lb+.

Rye Nook Fishery
Location: Rye, East Sussex
Largest Fish: 8lb 2oz eels, 2lb perch


Tanyards Fishery

Tanyards FisheryTanyard Fisheries is made up of seven lakes: three general lakes, one carp free lake, and three specimen carp lakes. The fish at Tanyards are in perfect condition with Pike weighing up to 30lb on Specimen Lake 1, Catfish up to 41lb on Specimen Lake 3 and Perch to 4lb.

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Tanyard Fisheries
Location: Furners Green, East Sussex
Largest Fish: Pike 30lb, Catfish 41lb


Weirwood FisheryWeirwood Reservoir

Weirwood Reservoir has some large predatory fish with Pike to over 30lb and eels over 5lb.

Largest Fish: 30lb+ pike, 2lb+ perch, 5lb+ eels

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