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How much is it to join Hassocks Angling Society?:

new adult member from: 104
new junior member from: 45

renewing adult member from: 94
junior from: £45
Under 12's: Free

West Sussex            

Hassocks Angling Club LogoHassocks & District Angling Society Ltd

Hassocks & District Angling Society hold 15 waters that will test anglers abilities, others are perfect for an absolute beginner. We have small ponds and large lakes, streams and rivers. Some places are brilliant in the summer and some are better in the winter. We try to offer a good variety for everyone, so whatever you want in a fishing club we can offer it.

club waters


1.Decoy Lake 2. Electricity Pond 3 .Flintstones Pond 4. Frylands Pond
5.George Cragg Pond 6. Badgers Wood 7.Masons Lake 8.More House Farm
9.Pickwells Lakes 10. Stevens Pond 11. Wildings Lakes  


1. River Adur 2. River Arun 3. River Ouse  

Hassocks Angling Society Lakes


Decoy LakeDecoy Lake

Decoy Fishery holds a mix of fish species including Carp, Tench, Crucian Carp, Chub, Perch, Roach and Rudd. Suitable for all anglers of any level, though recommended for first time anglers to Hassocks fishery waters.


Electricity Pond FisheryElectricity Pond Fishery

Electricity Pond is a small pond located near to an electricity sub-station, hence the pond was aptly named. The Electricity Pond has some tightly packed foliage surround some of the pond with some foliage overhanging the water. This pond is stocked with carp, crucian carp, tench and rudd.


Flintstones Pond FisheryFlintstones Pond Fishery

The Flintstones Pond fishing area consists of a lake and some of the river Adur. The lake holds common carp, mirror carp, crucian carp, roach, rudd and some good sized eels. The stretch of the river Adur holds a variety of river fish including pike, chub, perch and roach. The Flinstones Pond fishing lake has a scattering of trees positioned close to the banks; the foliage of the trees is generally high.


Frylands PondFrylands Pond Fishery

Frylands Ponds consists of two small, secluded fishing ponds. The ponds are surrounded by a lot of foliage, reeds and overhanging trees. The ponds are stocked with common carp, mirror carp, roach and rudd. Frylands Pond Fishery is controlled by Hassocks & District Angling Society and is for members only.


George Cragg PondGeorge Cragg Pond

The George Cragg Pond is a popular fishing venue amongst anglers which fairly recently had a major facelift (2007-2008). The lake has been increased in size by about a third and the depth set to a maximum depth of 13 feet. The fishery has eight man-made swims of which two of the swims have been made suitable for wheelchair users.


Masons LakeMasons Lake

A large picturesque lake surround by woodland. This shallow water is no more than 1 meter deep and surround by overhanging trees, bushes and marginal reeds. Holds some good sized Roach and Rudd along with a number of Wild Carp.


Pickwells LakesPickwells Lakes

Pickwells is made up of two very picturesques lakes with surroundings supporting a lot of wildlife. Fish species include Perch, Roach, Rudd, Tench and Carp. The bottom lake has number of Tench. Both lakes have many features to fish including lily pads, overhanging trees, islands and shrubs.


Stevens PondStevens Pond - Burgess Hill

Stevens pond is a little picturesque pond located in Burgess Hill, West Sussex. The water holds carp, perch, roach and rudd. A key from the bailiff is required to access to the pond, there are also a limited number of anglers allowed on this water.


Wildings LakesWildlings Lake Fishery

Wildings Fishery is made up of two waters a lake and a pond. Both waters hold a mix of fish including Carp up to 25lb and some good sized Tench and are surrounded by overhanging trees, bushes and reeds. The smaller pond often produces better results in match fishing, the larger lake holds the better specimen fish.


Hassocks Angling Society Rivers


membership prices (2015-16)

Membership Prices For New Members:

Adult: 104.00

Juniors: £45.00

OAP & Disabled : £74.00

Membership Prices For Renewing::

Adult: 94.00

Juniors: £45.00

OAP & Disabled : £64.00

FREE Fishing for under 12. If you are a full fishing adult or senior member and have a child in your family under twelve, then they can be added to your membership for free.

Active match fishing scene with matches every week.

contact details

Telephone: 01444 235978
Email: tightlines@hassocksangling.co.uk
Website: www.hassocksangling.co.uk

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