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Alderwood Ponds Coarse Fishery

Alderwood Ponds Coarse Fishery, Steyning

Alderwood ponds coarse fishery is a friendly family run fishery that has been running over 25 years and whom have won awards from Anglers Mail for being one of the best rated fisheries in England.

The fishery is made up of 3 picturesque ponds:- Island pond, Daves pond and Corsican pond. The waters hold some good size fish with carp to nearly 40lb, perch to over 5lb, roach to 3lb and some stunning tench to around 10lb.


Ardingly Reservoir

Ardingly Reservoir | Coarse Fishing

Ardingly Reservoir is a 198 acre water, set in the heart of West Sussex. The area has now been designated as a nature reserve and is an area of outstanding natural beauty.

The fishing at Ardingly Reservoir is run on a day and season ticket basis and is very popular for predator fishing with some good size pike and perch, there is also some good match fishing to be had with a range of fish species including Carp, bream, tench rudd, roach, gudgeon and Eels.


Back Arun Fishery

Back Arun Fishery, Arundal

Located near the scenic Arundal castle is Back Arun Fishery. The fishing venue is made up of two fishing lakes, Silver Lake and Carp Lake. Silver lake is stocked with a variety of fish including Carp, crucian carp, koi carp, bream, tench, perch, roach and rudd. Carp lake as its name suggest is well stocked with carp and some barbel.


Bury St Austin Fishing Lakes

Bury St Austin Fishing Lakes, CDAS (Club water)

Located near the market town of Horsham, West Sussex is Bury St.Austin Fishery. The club venue is made up of 2 fishing lakes stocked with a mix of fish species including carp to 30lb, Tench, Bream, Perch, Roach, Eels and Gudgeon. The lakes have some good features to fish with overhanging shrubs, marginal water plants and the top lake has a number of lilly pads spaced around the lake.


Busses Farm LakeBusses Fishing Ponds, Rookery Angling Club

Located on the outskirts of East Grinstead is Busses Farm Ponds a venue that is run by Rookery angling club. The fishing venue is made up of 2 ponds that are around 1/2 an acre each in size. Little is known about the venue's fish species as the water is relatively unknown other than there are stocks of carp, rudd and roach. Features to fish include marginal reeds, overhanging shrubs and a small island.


Duncton Mill Trout Fishing LakesDuncton Mill Trout Fishing Lakes

Duncton Mill is a beautiful trout fishery located in Duncton near the small town of Petworth, West Sussex. The fishery is made up of 4 trout fishing lakes that are stocked with some quality fighting Rainbow trout, Brown trout and Tiger trout that weigh 2lb upwards. The picturesque setting and stunning wildlife all adds to the days fishing.


Duncans PondDuncans Pond, Pulborough Angling Society

Located in the large village of Pulborough, West Sussex is Duncans Pond, a small and reasonably shallow water that is stocked with some large roach, rudd, perch, gudgeon along with a few carp and tench. Despite the small size of the fishery the water is popular with Pulborough Angling Society members with some anglers joining just to fish this pond for its excellent fishing. Parking and local amenities are both close to the pond.


Electricity Pond Fishery

Electricity Pond Fishery, Hassocks Angling Club

Electricity Pond is a small pond located near to an electricity sub-station, hence the pond was aptly named. The Electricity Pond has some tightly packed foliage surround some of the pond with some foliage overhanging the water. This pond is stocked with carp, crucian carp, tench and rudd.


Five Oaks Fishing Lakes

Five Oaks Fishing Lakes

Five Oaks Fishery is made up of 3 fishing lakes located in the heart of West Sussex between the charming towns of Billingshurst and Horsham. The lakes are in unspoilt countryside allowing for a peaceful days fishing.


Flintstones Pond Fishery

Flintstones Pond Fishery, Hassocks Angling Club

The Flintstones Pond fishing area consists of a lake and some of the river Adur. The lake holds common carp, mirror carp, crucian carp, roach, rudd and some good sized eels. The stretch of the river Adur holds a variety of river fish including pike, chub, perch and roach. The Flinstones Pond fishing lake has a scattering of trees positioned close to the banks; the foliage of the trees is generally high.


Frylands Pond

Frylands Pond Fishery, Hassocks Angling Club

Frylands Ponds consists of two small, secluded fishing ponds. The ponds are surrounded by a lot of foliage, reeds and overhanging trees. The ponds are stocked with common carp, mirror carp, roach and rudd. Frylands Pond Fishery is controlled by Hassocks & District Angling Society.


George Cragg Pond

George Cragg Pond, Hassocks Angling Club

The George Cragg Pond is a popular fishing venue amongst anglers which fairly recently had a major facelift (2007-2008). The lake has been increased in size by about a third and the depth set to a maximum depth of 13 feet. The fishery has eight man-made swims of which two of the swims have been made suitable for wheelchair users.


Goose Green Fishing Lakes

Goose Green Fishing Lakes, PAS

Located near to the village of Ashington in the heart of the West Sussex county is Goose Green Fishery, a fishing complex made up of 6 lakes that are popular with both pleasure and match anglers, the waters hold around 75 pegs between them with many features to fish including lily pads marginal reeds and overhanging shrubs and trees. Woodlands surround the lakes which provides some stunning wildlife where you may spot Buzzards, Nightingale, tree creepers, great tits, long tailed tits..


Gotwick Lake

Gotwick Lake, Rookery Angling Club

Located near East Grinstead on the picturesque Gotwick Manor private estate is a 2 acre fishing lake set in West Sussex countryside. The lake holds a mix of coarse fish including: mirror, common and crucian carp, roach and rudd, along with some nice predator fish with perch and some pike into double figures. The lake is surround by woodland which holds some stunning wildlife. There are many features to fish with lily pad beds, overhanging shrubs and trees.


Hickstead Lakes

Hickstead Lakes, Hassocks Angling Club

Hickstead fishery is made up of two lakes that are well stocked with a number of carp along with Roach and Rudd. The waters have some nice features with large clumps of lily pads, overhanging shrubs and marginal reeds. Hickstead Lakes Fishery is controlled by Hassocks & District Angling Society.


Hunters Lodge Fishery

Hunters Lodge Fishery, Copthorne

Hunters Lodge Fishery is made up of 2 fishing lakes located by the village of Copthorne near Crawley, West Sussex. Both fishing lakes have many features for anglers to fish. Lakes include Jack's Lake which holds a mix of fish including silvers, good size carp and pike to over 20lb, making for a great days sport fishing. The second lake holds some good specimen carp to over 40lb and catfish to over 55lb.


Lake View fishery

Lake View Fisheries

Located on the Sussex / Surrey border is the day ticket water of Lake View Fishery a peaceful and secluded lake that is 5 1/2 acres in size, holds 30 swims and that is surrounded by beautiful woodland trees. The lake is over 200 years old and stocked with a good head of carp to over 20lbs, tench, perch, roach and rudd.


Little Rowfant Lakes

Little Rowfant , Copthorne Angling Club (CDAC)

Little Rowfant is a venue made up of 3 fishing lakes (Wilderness, Top lake and Road lake). The Wliderness is the more popular of the 3 lakes as it holds a number of carp with an average weight of around 6lb and the odd few over 20lb.


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