Fishe, dedicated to providing all the fishing information you need to know about fishing in the south east.

Fishe.net was originally established with the intention of providing the East Sussex fishing community with all the information that they need to know about where to fish in East Sussex. Fishe thought it would go a step further than most other fishing websites: instead of having to phone up the fishery to get instructions of how to get there, how much it costs, how big the fish are… we thought we would create a network of fishing reports complete with photos to allow fishermen to get a good picture of what the fishery is like. The idea was dreamed up after searching the Internet to find somewhere else to fish other than my local spots, only to find just a few phone numbers with no other information.

Fishe started out as a directory of East Sussex fisheries, clubs and tackle shops including a number of detailed fishery reports that included: fishery photos, fishery introduction, fish species and weights, lake descriptions, ticket prices, contact details, facilities, rules and directions. Fishe has added a number of extra services since it originally started in January 2004 including: specialist areas dedicated to the different genres of fishing, holiday directories for each county, fishing competition fixtures and results, Fishe World - a section intended as a bit of fun, and a fishing tackle shop that sells new fishing equipment and also sells secondhand fishing equipment. As well as all this Fishe has expanded to include all the fishing information you need to know about the West Sussex and Kent counties.

Fishe is constantly looking for ways to improve our service to the fishing community and are open to suggestions as to how we can improve this service. Fishe is also open to other people in the fishing community offering help in a any way, including providing us with news, competition results, writing articles, suggesting new fisheries, providing photos and any other means of helping provide information to the south east fishing community.