Pike (the water wolf)

Pike are one of the ultimate predators that lurks in UK freshwater rivers and lakes, a savage fish that Pikecamouflages into its surroundings, a stealthy fish that attacks its prey with speed and deadly accuracy, the awesome and prehistoric looking Pike!.

It is often olive green in colour with a white belly, has a huge mouth to engulf its prey that is lined with rows of razor sharp needle point teeth to clamp onto its victims, once in its jaws the prey will have very little chance of escape due to its backward facing teeth, its gills are also surprisingly lined with tiny teeth which I found out to my cost. When cut by its teeth pike let off a chemical that stops the wound from healing.

Pike make great use of their camouflage (see photo) allowing them to ambush prey that passes to close to its hide. It has a perfectly stream lined body to attack with quick and powerful bursts of speed. These deadly features make the pike lord of the rivers and king of the lakes.


Pike are territorial fish and will aggressively attack any intruders that venture into its area of control. The larger the pike, the larger the feeding area it will control.

What’s a Pikes Favourite Food?

FISH! And frogs, when food is hard to find pike will turn to cannibalism eating smaller pike.
Pike have been known to prey on: birds, ducks, grass snakes, water voles..

What’s the best bait to catch a Pike?

Pike have a good sense of smell so a strong smelling dead bait works well, we like:
- Smelt (strong smelling)
- Herring (big bait works well)
- Coarse fish – ideally rudd / roach (part of a pikes natural diet).
- Mackerel (strong smelling)

What is the biggest pike caught in Britain?

The British Record for pike is 46lb 13oz caught by Roy Lewis in 1992 at Llandegfedd Reservoir in Wales. To view Llandegfedd Reservoir website please click the following link: www.llandegfedd.co.uk/fishing-llandegfedd


Usually within weed beds in lakes and rivers. Generally smaller pike hide in reed beds to ambush prey and also stop them from being prey to a larger pike. Heavy weight pike do not have this problem and will happily sit in a outlet, tree root etc.. with a large line of site to attack.


Early spring near water edge.

Although pike are a delicacy in many other European countries it is against the law here in the UK to take fish away or eat them on the bank. Please report any poaching or illegal fishing to the following website: www.gov.uk/report-an-environmental-incident

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