Carp Fishing at Moor Hall Pools

7:00 am - The Day Started
The day began at 7.00 I awoke to the buzzing sound of my alarm. I got showerd and dressed, loaded up the car and set off to Moor Hall fishing lakes.

7:30 am – Setup
Once at the lake I sat in my chair and had a cup of coffee, then I began to set up. I pushed the buzzers into the ground set my rods up and cast out my rigs.

Moor Hall Bottom lake

8:00 am – Hooked a carp
Only half an hour later I was into my first carp that weighed in at 9lb, not a bad start I thought to myself.

8:15 am – Instant Action
I recast the rig and returned to my chair, and almost instantly I was into my second fish, I slipped the net under yet another common that weighed 9lb 8oz, EVEN BETTER!

9:05 pm – Struck into a big one!
I thought and recast the rig again. Not much time passed and i had a take on my other rod I could tell as soon as I struck it was a big fish. After a long daunting battle my friend slipped the net under my prize, I slipped him into my sling and put him on the scales 18lb 1oz what a result.

Young man holding a mirror carp

1:32 pm – Ghost and Commons
I went on to catch a ghost carp of 8lb and some small commons. moor hall is a great fishery!

Please send written accounts of your carp fishing experiences to support@fishe.net

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