Wallers Haven Mixed Bag - Carp Diaries

12:05 pm - Arrived at Fishery
As we were walking up the bank towards our swim we saw another man fishing, he was holding a huge perch that we witnessed being weighed at a staggering 3lb 2oz. He also had several other 3lb fish in his keep-net that we photographed for him. We arrived at the swim and began to pitch the tent for the night ahead of us.

12:30 pm – Instant Eel action
Once camp was set we began to tie our rigs and cast out our dead-baits

Instant action as Ricky’s bite alarm tore off. Unfortunately it was not our intended species as a large slimy eel came to the surface. After the 5 minute battle of unhooking it he slipped it back and recast his dead bait.

1:30 pm – First Pike of the day
A fter a few missed runs each that we suspected to be caused by eels Lewis finally hooked a pike. The fish was immaculately conditioned and weighed 6lb 7oz.


3:00 pm – Missed Runs
More missed runs.

5:00 pm – Another Pike
Ricky gets a screamer and hooks a pike, again another beautiful fish and weighed around 5lb.

6:00 pm – Change of tactics
With nightfall fast approaching I decided not to leave my dead- baits out over night due to the eels. I had a little carp tackle in my carryall including a few boilies and some pva. So I decided to make a quick switch and cast out my boilies for the elusive Waller’s haven carp.

7:00 pm – Lewis and Ricky call it a night
As the pitter patter of rain begins sounding, along with the runs that Lewis and Ricky are having on there dead-baits they decide to reel in for the night and get a good dry nights sleep in.

7:30 am – Food
Cook some dinner and go to sleep.

10:40 pm – Hooked into a big one!!!
I awoke to the screaming sound of one of my bite alarm. I threw on a jacket and shoes and ran for the rod. As I lifted I felt the line grate threw snags as the fish was ripping line off the reel as if it was still in free spool mode. I held the rod tight and shouted to Lewis and Ricky to get the lamp going , as I applied more pressure to the fish I felt it began to move I heard Ricky running to my assistance,. As the fish moved closer Ricky got the net ready while Lewis held the lamp, I felt the fish surge Downwards towards more snags I applied more pressure and eventually slid the fish over the net, then I realised just how special the fish was. I unhooked it and got it up on the scales, it read 20lb 3oz I was ecstatic. as I rested the fish in the margin Ricky and Lewis got the cameras ready, I lifted the fish up for the trophy sots, resisting the temptation to sack the fish until morning, I slipped it back. After looking at the photos I recast my rig and went to gloat to the others in the tent.

20lb 3oz common carp

3:05 am - A couple of knocks
Heard a bite alarm bleep outside but it soon stopped.

5:30 am - Another take
Again my bite alarm took off. I quickly had it up to the surface, I didn’t know what it was until I had it on the mat. It was a lovely Tench that weighed 5lb exactly Ricky took a trophy shot and I slipped it back. I recast my rig and returned to the tent.

5lb 0oz tench

11:05 am - Breakfast cook-up
We ventured from the tent and cooked some breakfast.

3:00 pm - Called it a day
No more action for the remainder of our session and left for home at 3:00 that afternoon.

Please send written accounts of your carp fishing experiences to support@fishe.net

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