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How much is it to fish?:

adult ticket: £8  junior ticket: £4
Club members: Free
Club water run byHastings & Bexhill fishing club

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Wishing Tree Reservoir

Wishing Tree Reservoir is a highly profolific water that hosts a large variety of fish of various sizes. The water is renowned for its large amounts of carp. Wishing Tree Reservoirs competition catches in the past have resulted in the winner bagging a catch of over 130lb with 2nd and 3rd places with similar sized catches. The egg shaped lake covers aproximately 6 acres of water. The reservoir is stocked predominately with common carp that average 3-10lb with the odd mirror that reaches 20lb+. The water also holds tench to 2lb, roach and rudd to 1lb 8oz, small perch and eels to 1lb and one catfish that was last caught at 18lb. Wishing Tree reservoir is located in Hastings at the bottom of Queens Way next to Robsack wood. The water is controlled by Hastings, Bexhill and District Freshwater Angling Association (HBDFAA) but day tickets can be obtained on the bank.

fish species

Mirror Carp Common Carp Tench Rudd Roach
Carp : 20lb+
Carp : 20lb+
Tench: 2lb Rudd: 1lb 8oz Roach: 1lb 8oz
Perch Catfish Pike eel  
Perch : 1lb+ Catfish: 18lb
(1 only)
Pike: 20lb Eel: 1lb+  

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Wishing Tree Reservoir - a large, 5-6 acre, egg shaped reservoir found next to Robsack woods.

Wishing Tree Reservoir

Wishing Tree Lake is a beautiful 6 acre water located next to Robsack Wood. The lake is an egg shaped water with the Robsack Wood end being thinner and shallower than the dam end. Wishing Tree Reservoir has depths of up to 10 feet in the centre. The lakes features make the water look very picturess in the hot summer months, these features include many reeds, some overhanging trees and bushes, a drainage inlet that is located at the wooded end of the reservoir, and a dam at the opposite end. The water provides approximately 40 swims that are generally flat and grassy. Successful baits at this water include trout pellets, bread, sweetcorn, maggots and boilies.


Features: Drainage Inlet, Overhanging trees, Overhanging bushes, Reeds, Dam
Lake Size: 5-6 acres
Lake Depth: 8-10ft
Swims: 40

Wishing Tree Reservoir is stocked predominately with huge numbers of carp that average 3-10lb. The water also holds some good sized roach and rudd, and a number of small tench and perch. Any technique you choose to use will work well on this water. Everyone seems to have their own personal favourite technique but the most productive appear to be ledgering boilies, ledgering luncheon meat or sweetcorn over a bed or hemp or trout pellets, and surface fishing bread or dog biscuits.


Night Fishing

ticket prices

Club water run byHastings & Bexhill angling club (day tickets available from bailiff).

Club members: Free

Non Members

Adults: £8
Junior: £4
OAP: £4

contact details

For Club contact details please click link below:
Club:Hastings, Bexhill And District Freshwater Angling Association >>


Wishing Tree Reservoir is located in Hastings on Crowhurst Road (Bottom of Queens Way(B2092)) . To get to Hastings from the Eastbourne or Rye directions take the A259. To get to Hastings from the Tunbridge Wells direction take the A21.

A259 into Hastings: take the B2092(Harley Shute) continue straight across the mini roundabout until you reach a larger roundabout. Turn left and follow the road for about 1000 metres. Wishing Tree reservoir is on the left. Parking is on the grass verge by the road side.

A21 into Hastings: take the A21 along Seddlescombe Road North until you reach a mini roundabout. Turn right onto Ashbrook Road. Continue following the road straight ahead at the traffic light crossroads. Follow the road (Blackman Avenue) until you reach a roundabout. Turn right and follow the road for about 1000 metres. Wishing Tree reservoir is on the left. Parking is on the grass verge by the road side.

user reviews

"take your rubbish home"

"Hi i am back fishing after about 15 year's and I am pleased to say that I have enjoyed going to the wishing trees as a paying member i wasn't too impressed with the amount of rubbish and general crap left behind by other anglers and i must say that it isn't just younger anglers adults that should know better are just as bad i took a bin liner of rubbish and discarded line with me and I PUT IT IN THE BIN please be more tidy and take your rubbish home".

review from Tony A

"lake is ok, could be better "

"This lake is ok,it could be even better if they was to introduce new fish and net out a lot of the badly damaged fish".

review from Daryl S

"my record 27 carp in a day "

Used to fish this lake loads back in the day, really easy lake to catch carp, my record being 27 carp in one day, over 200lbs of fish by using trout pellets on a hair rig, another guy there who also caught loads would freeline a lump of bread.

review from Jake d

"Loads of 2-10lb carp "

"I've fished Wishing Tree tons of times and never had any trouble with other fishermen or locals (haven't night fished it). Loads of 2-10lb carp to be caught on this lake. The biggest carp I've had from this lake is 12lb".

review from Dean

"Bags of fun "

"Bags of fun...caught 5 carp in the space of 2 hours.."

review from paddy

"Great days fishing"

"What a great days fishing, they were jumping out of the water into my net.."

review from simon

"avoid night fishing"

"On a more serious note: I was recently on a night fish when I was approached and then beaten by a gang of teenagers who proceeded to steel my fishing tackle. I understand other night fishermen have encountered similar problems with these gangs. I feel some action is needed to curb this problem.."

review from clive56

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user tips

"fish halibut pellet"

"fish halibut pellet as they let off alot of oil and this attracts this fish.".

tips from Classified carper

"free lining bread is the way"

"This place is an easy catch,free lining bread is the way here even at 23:00 on a lovely summers evening.i only fished this season,never been here before had over 70 common with the odd mirror,only 10 of these fish was in good condition,just shows the lack of care from anglers who fish here....".

tips from Daryl Smith

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