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Bax Farm Fishing Lakes / Willow Angling Centre

Bax Farm Fishery (now known as Willow Angling Centre) is a day ticket venue made up of 4 fishing lakes located in Sittingbourne , Kent on a peaceful country farm estate. The fishery is popular with both carp and coarse anglers and holds a good head of carp to around 30lb (Specimen Lake). Waters also contain Tench, Roach, Rudd, Perch, Gudgeon, the stream also holds Barbel and Chub.

Bax Farm run a well stocked tackle shop that holds a variety of baits, tackle and equipment. Food and drink is also available on site with hot & cold drinks, snacks, burger and chips sausages, sausage sandwiches, Full English breakfast..
There is ample parking close to the lakes, anglers are allowed to drive to their swim to unload vehicles must then be parked in the car park.
Ladies and gents toilets

fish species

Mirror Carp Common Carp barbel Chub Tench bream
Mirror Carp:
Common Carp:
barbel: 8lb Chub: 4lb Tench: 5lb Bream:5lb
Rudd Roach Perch      
Rudd: ?lb Roach: ?lb Perch : 3lb      

fishing lakes (4)


Farm Lake - is ideal for newcomers with a variety of fish up to 4lb in weight.
Pan Lake - Holds some nice carp to 18lb, barbel, tench...
Specimen Lake - Holds a good head of carp to over 30lb.
Stream - 30 foot wide stream with a selection of fish including carp to 20lb.

Farm Lake

Farm lake is an excellent water for newcomers / beginners and families. The lake holds Perch, Bream, Roach, Rudd, Gudgeon along with carp to around 4lb.  


Mirror Carp Common Carp bream Rudd Roach Perch
Mirror Carp:
Common Carp:
Bream:?lb Rudd: ?lb Roach: ?lb Perch: ?lb


Pan Lake

Pan lake is a heart shaped lake stocked with Carp to 18lb, some nice Barbel to around 8lb, Tench, Bream, Chub and Perch.

Pan Lake

Mirror Carp Common Carp barbel Tench bream Chub
Mirror Carp:
Common Carp:
barbel: 8lb Tench: 5lb Bream:5lb Chub : 4lb
Perch: 3lb          

Features: Heart shaped lake, reeds

Specimen Lake

Specimen lake on Bax Farm is well stocked with double figure carp that go to over 30lb.

Specimen Lake

Mirror Carp Common Carp        
Mirror Carp:
Common Carp:

Features: reeds


A 30 foot wide stream that holds carp to 20lb, Chub, Tench, Bream, Rudd and Roach.


Mirror Carp Common Carp Tench bream Rudd Roach
Mirror Carp:
Common Carp:
Tench: ?lb Bream:?lb Rudd: ?lb Roach: ?lb

Features: reeds


Cafe Night Fishing Car Parking Toilets Tackle Shop

ticket prices

For full list of fishery prices please use the web address below:


Accommodation is available for per Night and this includes all your fishing as well as a full English breakfast each morning. 

Phone 01795 520887 for more information or to book a holiday.








contact details

Address: Bax Farm Fishery

Telephone: 01795 520887
Email: info@twacentre.co.uk
Website: www.thewillowsanglingcentre.co.uk/



user reviews

"great fishery "

"I have visited this venue many times and had a great time on every occasion. While I have fished for all freshwater species I am having great fun on the river which on two consecutive occasions recently I have had really good sessions in differing conditions. In sunshine and warm temperatures I had a really busy 5 hour session with a variety of roach F1s. skimmers and reasonable bream. A great day! Yesterday I enjoyed even more. This time I employed match fishing tactics using my 9'6" Drennan Red Range carp feeder. The windy and overcast conditions forced me to switch spools to a heavier 7lb mainline, after which the bigger fish started to bite. The great thing about this venue for me is that it represents a good challenge to a course angler like me who has fished rivers and lakes all over the south of England and Ireland. I'm looking forward to going back and trying my specialist rods on this. it's just a pity that I can't stay longer than around 5 hours as I have to get back for my medical treatment, else I'm convinced I would have had a major bag here given the way the fish were starting to respond

I noticed yesterday that some anglers were using two rods on this river section. I thought that odd using tactics that work better on a lake, when the fish on offer are employing habits more commonly associated with those caught in drains or canals. Float fishing seems the obvious choice for this water particularly the bream, but being a feeder man and the fact that there a a lot of F1s in here, a feeder seems a better bet. The roach seemed to like my bait, as did the F1s, skimmers, and Bream. There are also some nice carp in here, which on previous visits I have netted , but not yesterday, and no tench which I didn't fish for given the conditions".
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