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Majors Fishing Lakes

Majors Fishing Lakes, near Maidstone

Majors Lakes are located in the village of Bearsted, Kent. These mature lakes have become a popular fishing venue. The lakes are surrounded by picturesque woodland. There are both coarse and trout fishing lakes at the fishery with a mix of fish species.

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Manor Fishing Lakes

Manor Fisheries, Headcorn

A warm welcome awaits you at Manor Fisheries which provides both accommodation and coarse fishing (Carp to 30lbs+, Catfish to 50lbs+) in three very well stocked lakes which are "Never knowingly over crowded"; all this in an idyllic setting in the Weald of Kent.

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Marshside Fishery

Marshside Fishery, Near Canterbury

Set in peaceful Kent country side, surrounded by fields and marsh land are the picturesque lakes of Marshside Fishery. There are 2 lakes covering 7.5 acres. The fishing lakes are stocked with a coarse fish including: tench 12lb+, bream, chub, barbel, carp 38lb+, rudd..

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Monk Lakes

Monk Lakes, Kent

Monk Lakes is a day ticket fishery, south of Maidstone, Kent. The fishery is spread over 120 acres and is made up of 8 waters. There is a good mix of fish species along with good size catfish to around 48lb and carp to 45lb.

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Orchard Place Farm Fishery

Orchard Place Farm Fishing Lakes, Paddock Wood

Located in the charming Kent countryside is Orchard Place Farm, a family run fishery made up of 11 fishing lakes aimed at carp, catfish and pleasure / match anglers. Waters hold some good size specimen fish with catfish to 100lb and carp to around 50lb. Many of the picturesque lakes feature islands and numerous..

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Park Farm Reservoir

Park Farm Reservoir, Cranbrook Angling Club

A quiet 1 1/2 acre reservoir lined with reeds. Stocked with some good size Carp, a number of Roach, Tench and some good specimen Rudd. Park Farm Reservoir is situated right next to an orchard. 


Pattenden Lane Reservoir

Pattenden Lane Reservoir, CADAC

Pattenden Lane is a 2 acre Reservoir surrounded by overhanging willow trees. The water was restocked with fish in 2013 and 2014. Current fish species include Carp to double figures, Tench, bream, rudd, roach and Perch..


River Eden, Kent

River Eden

River Eden is a tributary of the River Medaway and runs from the edge of Surrey through Kent to where it flows into the river Medway at Penshurst. Some of the more popular fish species include Eels, Pike, Carp, Roach, Rudd, Perch and Chub . Sizes of fish varies as with all rivers they are a bit of an unknown. The river is fairly narrow in size

River Medway

River medway is a beautiful river around 70 miles long and runs from Sussex through Kent to where it flows into the Thames Estuary. Some of the more popular fish species include good size Carp, Eels, Pike, Tench, Roach, Rudd, Perch and Chub. Sizes of fish varies as with all rivers they are a bit of an unknown there may be a river monster in there!

Rosemary Lake

Rosemary Lakes, Cranbrook Angling Club

Rosemary fishery consist of 3 well stocked coarse fishing lakes that hold Carp, Perch, Tench and Rudd. Each water is less than an acre in size with many features including lilly pads, overhanging trees and shrubs. These waters are ideal for a spot of match fishing.

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Sandwich Fishery

Sandwich Lakes

The Fishery is situated in a quiet, peaceful countryside setting with far-reaching views. It caters for all anglers from the dedicated carp angler to novices and beginners. These waters are ideal for a spot of match fishing.

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Saw Lodge Farm Lakes

Saw Lodge Farm Lakes, CDAC

Saw Lodge Farm Lakes are a popular fishing venue with both match and carp anglers. Fishery is made up of two lakes the largest being a 2 acre lake and two ponds with Carp in all four waters that go up to 20lb+ though the majority are in single figures.


Shirkoak Fishing Lake

Shirkoak Fishing Lake, Woodchurch

A charming day ticket fishing lake located in the village of Woodchurch, within the picturesque Kent countryside. The lake has many features to fish including 2 large islands with many overhanging plants and shrubs.The water is popular with serious carp anglers and pleasure anglers.

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Spring trout lakes

Spring Hill Trout Lakes, Penbury

Spring Hill Trout fishery is located near the village of Penbury, Kent. The venue is made up of 3 spring fed fishing lakes that are stocked with Rainbow and Brown trout up to 18lb. There are a wide array of insects in and around the lakes, hatches include: Sedge, Midge, Mayfly, Caddis, Damsels along with the vast majorty of other insects that can be found in Southern England.


Springwood lakes

Springwood Fishery

Springwood Fishery is set within woodland and comprises of 4 fishing lakes the largest a 3 acre lake up to 14 feet deep, stocked with some large Carp to 30lb and Catfish to 72lbs. These waters hold a wide range of fish species, Carp, Tench, Catfish, Bream, Orfe..

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Strawberry Fields Carp Fishing Lakes

Strawberry Fields Carp Fishing Lakes

Strawberry Fields is a big fish, carp fishery set in the heart of the Kent countryside. The fishery is made up of 2 fishing lakes that are surrounded by mature trees and a mix of stunning wildlife. Lakes are stocked with match fish, carp with a number of carp over 40lb, one of the more popular residents of the lake is 'Lee Jackson’ a common carp that has weighed in at over 60lb.

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Tenterden Trout Fishing Waters

Tenterden Trout Fishing Lakes

A charming family run trout fishery located in the picturesque Weald of Kent. This popular fishing venue has been ranked in the top 100 still waters by The 'Trout Fisherman Magazine'. The fishery is made up of 3 lakes covering 5.5 acres that hold predominately Rainbow trout (85%-90% Rainbow) with the rest being Brown Trout.


Trevors Lake

Trevor's Fishing Lake, Club water

Located in an ideal setting around the village of Groombridge, near Tonbridge Wells is Trevor's Lake. The water holds common and mirror carp to nearly 10lb along with perch and is an ideal fishing venue for novice anglers as you are sure to catch on this lake.


Tricklebrook Coarse Fishery

Tricklebrook Fishery, near Paddock Wood

Located in the village of Five Oak Green, Kent, is Tricklebrook coarse fishery a fishing venue that was first established in 1996. Tricklebrook fishery has 2 lakes a 4 acre specimen lake that holds some good size perch to 6lb, catfish to over 30lb and carp to over 40lb.

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Windsurf Gravel Pit

Windsurf Gravel Pit, CDAC

A reed fringed gravel pit thats up to 10 feet in depth. This 8 acre stillwater holds Pike, Eels, some good sized Tench and Bream that run well into double figures, Carp to over 30lb (a 32lb common carp was recorded in 2012 ) plus some large Roach and Rudd.

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