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Fisheries in Bells Yew Green

Frant Lakes

Frant Lakes, Bells Yew Green

Frant Lakes is a large fishery set in peaceful Kent countryside settings consisting of eight lakes, five ponds and a section of the River Teise. The waters between them hold mirror carp to 40lb, common carp to 35lb, barbell to 11lb+, tench to 10lb, bream to 8lb 8oz, crucian carp to 3lb, roach to 2lb, rudd to 1lb 8oz, perch to 4lb and the odd eel to over 1lb.

Location: Swattenden Lane, Bells Yew Green
Largest Fish: 28lb Carp


Fisheries in Canterbury

Sandwich Coarse Fishery

Sandwich Coarse Fishery, Sandwich

The Fishery is situated in a quiet, peaceful countryside setting with far-reaching views. It caters for all anglers from the dedicated carp angler to novices and beginners.

Location: Sandwich Coarse Fishery, sandwich ash road, near Canterbury
Largest Fish: 40lb+ Carp,
Type: Day Ticket Water


Fisheries in Cranbrook

Hartley Lands Farm Fishery

Hartley Lands Farm, Cranbrook

Hartley Lands Farm Fishery is a eight water fishery set on peaceful Cranbrook farm land. The lakes between them hold a number of fish including: mirror carp to 19lb, common carp to 19lb, ghost carp to 16lb, tench to 2lb, some good roach to 1lb 8oz, and some large perch to 5lb.

Location: Cranbrook
Largest Fish: 28lb Carp


Fisheries in Edenbridge

Gabriels Fishery

Gabriels Fishery - Marsh Green

Here at Gabriel's Fishery, we have five large beautiful lakes together with a mile and a quarter of river fishing alone the banks of the Eden all of these are filled with a variety of fish species for fishing activities.

The lakes are open all year round [subject to natural conditions, maintenances and private hire]
All river fishing is subject to the Environment Agency season and may include catches of chub, perch, rudd and pike.


Fisheries in Flimwell

Springwood Fishery

Springwood Fishery

Springwood Fishery is set within stunning woodland and comprises of 4 fishing lakes the largest a 3 acre lake up to 14 feet (4.26 metres) deep, stocked with some large Carp to 30lb and Catfish to 72lbs. These waters hold a wide range of fish species between the 4 fishing lakes including Common, Mirror and Grass Carp, Tench, Catfish, Bream, Golden Orfe , Rudd and Perch.

Location: Springwood Fishery, Rosemary Lane, Flimwell
Largest Fish: 30lb+ Carp, 60lb+ Catfish


Fisheries in Hawkhurst

Hawkhurst Fish Farm

Hawkhurst Fish Farm, Hawkhurst

Hawkhurst Fishery is a large fishery sculptured into tranquil Kent countryside settings. Hawkhurst Fishery also known as Hawkhurst Fish Farm is a seven lake fishery. The complex contains a match lake, three junior ponds, and three lakes with large specimen fish. The waters between them hold mirror carp to 54lb, common carp to 51lb, grass carp to 22lb, catfish to 65lb, tench to 9lb, small roach, rudd and perch, and the odd eel to 6lb. Apart from the Specimen Lake, the water is closed from mid December to mid Febuary.

Location: Hastings Road, Hawkhurst
Largest Fish: 54lb Carp, 65lb Catfish


Fisheries in Headcorn

Manor Fisheries

Manor Fisheries - Headcorn

A warm welcome awaits you at Manor Fisheries which provides both comfortable accommodation and outstanding coarse fishing (Carp to 30lbs+, Catfish to 50lbs+) in three very well stocked lakes which are "Never knowingly over crowded"; all this in an idyllic setting in the Weald of Kent. The lakes are beautifully landscapedand well thought out, with safe and easy access; incorporating bays, controlled weed beds, rushes and islands.

Location: Love Lane, Headcorn
Largest Fish: 30lb+ Carp, 50lb+ Catfish
Day Ticket Water : Yes


Fisheries in Paddock Wood

Lucks Lane Lake

Lucks Lane Lake is a one acre square shaped lake set in Paddock Wood countryside. The lake holds some large fish considering its size, including: mirror carp to 42lb 3oz, common carp to 30lb, ghost carp to 31lb, tench to 4lb 4oz, small roach and rudd to 1lb, and the odd eel to 3lb. Lucks Lane Lake has a small trailer cafe that sells food, drink and small amounts of tackle.

Location: Lucks Lane, Paddock Wood
Largest Fish: 40lb


Tricklebrook Coarse Fishery

Tricklebrook Coarse Fishery, near Paddock Wood

Located in the village of Five Oak Green, Kent, just west of Paddock Wood is Tricklebrook coarse fishery a fishing venue that was first established in 1996. Tricklebrook fishery has 2 lakes a 4 acre specimen lake that holds some good size perch to 6lb, catfish to over 30lb and carp to over 40lb. Tricklebrook has often featured in magazines for its 40lb+ resident carp 'Sugar' and 'Arthur'. There is also a smaller 1 acre lake with a mix of match fish and some specimen fish to around 28lb.


Fisheries in Rochester

Buckland Lake Reserve

Buckland Lake Reserve - Carp, Coarse and Trout Fishery

Buckland lake reserve is situated near the historic village of Cliffe in Kent, the area has been transformed from a chalk quarry into a thriving nature reserve over a 60 acre site. The lakes hold a mix of fish with some good size trout to around 10lb and specimen pike and carp to nearly 30lb.

Location: Buckland Road, Cliffe, Nr Rochester
Largest Fish: 28lb+ Carp, 28lb+ Pike, 10lb+ Trout.
Day Ticket Water : Yes


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