Top Match Fishing Venue in East Sussex

Some of the best places to go match fishing in East Sussex.

Amazon Wood Fishery

Top Carp FisheriesThe day ticket waters hold a wide diversity of fish including: common carp to 19lb 8oz, mirror carp to 20lb 4oz, ghost carp to 10lb, leather carp to 8lb, crucian carp to 3lb 8oz, tench to 5lb+, roach to 2lb 1oz, rudd to 2lb 2oz, perch to 4lb 8oz, large eels to 6lb 9oz and silver bream that have been recorded to 2lb 4oz. There have been numerous rumours of silver bream being put back that would seriously challenge the current silver bream UK record.

Amazon Wood Fishery

Location: Polegate, East Sussex
Largest Match Fish: 7lb tench, 1lb 7oz+ silver bream, 2lb roach, 2lb crucian carp


Rye Nook

Rye Nook The Nook is the serious match fisherman paradise with regular open and league matches taking place. The Nook has over 100 pegs and sports bream, tench, roach, rudd, dace, eels and carp. Rye Nook consists of four lakes which in total cover over 100acres.

Rye Nook Fishery
Location: Rye, East Sussex
Largest Match Fish: Bream 4lb 8oz, Tench 8lb, Roach and Rudd 2lb+, Dace 12oz, 2lb Perch and carp.


Wishing Tree ReservoirSharnfold Farm Fishery

Sharnfold Fishery holds a number of different match fish including some beautiful specimen tench to over 6lb, bream to 3lb, barbell to 4lb, chub to 3lb and roach and rudd to 1lb 8oz.

Sharnfold Farm Fishery

Location: Sharnfold Farm
Largest Fish: tench 6lb, bream 3lb, barbel 4lb, chub 3lb, roach / rudd 1lb 8oz.


Tanyards Fishery

Tanyards FisheryTanyard Fisheries is made up of seven lakes: three general lakes, one carp free lake, and three specimen carp lakes. The lakes between them hold most species of fish including:- common carp, mirror carp, crucian carp, bream, tench, roach, rudd, pumpkinseed, perch, pike, catfish, and eels.

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Tanyard Fisheries
Location: Furners Green, East Sussex
Largest Match Fish: 8lb 8oz tench, 7lb bream, 2lb roach, 2lb rudd, 2lb crucian carp, 12oz pumpkinseed


Wylands International Angling Centre

Wylands Carp FisheryWylands is a well established fishery that spans across 150 acres of relaxing countryside. Wylands have added The Snake Match Lake that is a 2 mile long meandering, snake shaped lake. The water and surroundings are full of features including overhanging bushes, reeds and lilly pads. Snake Lake has been man-made with 205 swims. The swims are generally slightly sloped grass banks that are slightly raised from the waters edge. Baits that have given good results on this water include: maggots, casters, sweetcorn, bread and lobworm.

Wylands International Angling Centre

Location: Catsfield, East Sussex
Largest Match Fish: 9lb tench, 9lb bream, 8lb barbell, 3lb roach, 3lb rudd


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