Our Top 5 Pike Fishing Venues in East Sussex

PikeWhere are the best places to pike fish in East Sussex?

During the colder months many anglers take a break from fishing as coarse fish stop feeding, this doesn’t have to be so, this is a great time of year to pick up your rod and lure and test your skills at catching the ultimate predator of UK lakes and rivers, a fish that attacks its prey with stealth, speed and deadly accuracy, the awesome and prehistoric looking Pike!

Here’s our top 5 pike fishing waters in East Sussex

Buckshole Reservoir

5. Buckshole Reservoir

Buckshole Reservoir is located in Alexandra park this deep reservoir holds a number of pike up to 20lb, though not the easiest venue to catch pike. Swims have recently been improved and at least one provides disabled access.

Fishing: Day tickets are available on the bank or Free to members of Hastings & Bexhill Angling Club.

Location: Hastings

Weir Wood Reservoir

4. Weir Wood Reservoir

this huge 280 acre reservoir holds some good size pike to over 30lb and potentially could hold a 40lb pike, though again not the easiest of waters. Why not visit Weir Wood and take to the reservoir in one of their angling boats, although a bit pricey, great fun! with greater chance of success.

Fishing: day ticket, 1 angler boat fishing £30 or 2 anglers boat fishing £40, bank fishing £15.

Location: Forest Row

Darwell Reservoir

3. Darwell Reservoir

Darwell Reservoir – a bit of an unknown due to its huge expanse of water. What is known is there are a number of pike that weigh up to 30lb+ along with eels to 8lb+ in the deep murky depths of this reservoir. You can also have a bit of fun and hire a boat to captain allowing you to reach many secluded spots not accessible from land. .

Fishing: Club members only. The water is currently members only run by Cranbrook and District Angling Club (CADAC)

Location: near Robertsbridge

Royal Military Canal

2. Royal Military Canal

Royal Military Canal – this lovely water / monument was built in the early 1800s to defend against a possible Napoleon invasion. The canal is a great place to fish with a number of good sized pike to around 30lb. Not only is it great for a spot of fishing the canal also boasts some fantastic wildlife and picturesque views.

Fishing: - many clubs have access to the canal, day tickets are often available from the clubs.

Location: Stretches through East Sussex

River Rother

1. River Rother

Our number 1 spot goes to the River Rother, which has an excellent reputation for its pike fishing during the winter months. The river holds a number of pike over 30lb.

Fishing: many different clubs have access to the Rother. If you are not a member day tickets are available. Please visit: www.rfa.freeservers.com/waters.html for more info.

Location: Stretches through East Sussex

Our top spots go to rivers over lakes as they are much more of an unknown, you don’t know what you’re going to catch and generally rivers hold larger Pike. Rivers are also generally easier places to catch pike than on lakes. Rivers also provide great places to lure fish, which is a popular way of fishing keeping you active, you can cover large stretches of a river increasing your chance of catching! due to pike being territorial.


This is our guide, if you know of a pike fishing water that is worthy of mention please comment below to help other local anglers.

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