Aldbury Tackle Shops

Albury Game Angling

Albury Game Angling

Tackle Shop: Albury Game Angling
Address: The Street, Albury, Surrey, GU5 9AG
Telephone: 01483 205196
Website: www.alburygameangling.co.uk/

Try visiting their online game fishing tackle shop its a joy to browse with many trout and Salmon fishing products along with books, DVD's and gifts. Peter Cockwill the proprietor of Albury Game Angling has been in the fishing tackle industry for over 25 years and is a qualified instructor in trout, salmon and fly tying

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Byfleet Tackle Shops

Apollo Angling

Apollo Angling Centre

Tackle Shop: Apollo Angling Centre
Address: 64 High Road, Byfleet, Surrey, KT14 7QL
Address: Marsh Farm Fishery, Station Lane, Milford, Surrey, GU8 5AE
Telephone: (01483)428885
Email: info@apolloanglingcentre.co.uk
Website: www.apolloanglingcentre.co.uk

Apollo Angling centre run two separate tackle shops one in Byfleet the other on Marsh Farm Fishery.

Stores are stocked with a range of tackle baits and equipment from some well known brands including DYNAMITE BAIT, NASH, SONUBAIT, DELKIM, AQUA, KORDA, SOLAR, DAIWA, FOX, KORUM, EIGER, GARBOLINO, VAN DEN EYNE, BAIT TECH, SENSAS to name a few. There is free parking outside the stores.

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Caterham Tackle Shops

Caterham Angling

Tackle Shop:Caterham Angling
Address:1-3 Raglan Parade, Caterham on the Hill, Surrey CR3 5BS
Telephone: 01883 345808
Email: sales@caterhamangling.co.uk
Website: www.caterhamangling.co.uk/

Fishing tackle shop based in Caterham that stock a range of main brands to name a few: Shimano, Korda, Nash,Shakespeare, Fox, Daiwa, Greys, Drennan, Dynamite Baits, plus frozen, live and dead baits are kept in store. All these products can be seen at Caterham Angling new fishing tackle shop in Surrey that has been opened for 2015 or alternatively can be view on their online shop.

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