Carp Rig - One Up Hair Rig (Pop-up Hair Rig)

An article on a carp rig called "the one up" hair rig or otherwise known as a popup hair rig, detailing: the rig, how it works, how to make it and an underwater photo of the rig in action.


The rig

The one up rig is a hair rig with a one ended hair attached to the hook. The technique involves placing a popup boilie on the end of the hair.

What this rig looks like to the fish

Underwater photo of a one up hair rig

How this rig works

The one up rig presents the bait to carp as an individual offering by floating a popup boilie a few centremeters above the bottom.

When the carp sucks the boilie into its mouth, it will either swim off with the bait and by doing so will hook itself or it will try to spit the bait out and by doing so should accidently hook itself.

How to make this hair rig

What you need:

- 10lb braid or mono
- 3lb braid or mono
- swivel
- hook – size 6 - 8
- rubber tubing
- Glue

Making the hair rig:

- Cut a 30cm piece of the 10lb braid/mono
- Tie one end of the braid/mono to the swivel
- Cut one small 7mm piece of rubber tubing
- Slide the piece of tubing onto the 10lb braid/mono
- Tie the end of the 10lb braid/mono to the hook
- Cut a 5cm piece of the 3lb braid/mono
- Tie a loop at one end of the 3lb braid/mono – this is your hair
- Tie the end of the 3lb braid/mono that does not have the loop to the hook eye
- Slide the piece of rubber tubing along the 10lb braid/mono over the hook eye
- I usually put some glue on the hook eye and then slide the rubber tubing over the hook eye.

One up hair rig sketch

You now have a one up popup hair rig.

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