Carp Rig - One Up One Down Hair Rig

An article on a carp rig called "the one up one down" hair rig, detailing the rig, how it works, how to make it and an underwater photo of the rig in action.


The rig

The one up one down rig is a hair rig with a long double-ended hair attached to the hook, so effectively it looks like a hair rig with two hairs. The idea is to place a normal boilie on one end of the hair and a popup boilie the other end.


What this rig looks like to the fish

Underwater photo of one up one down rig with boilies

How this rig works

The one up one down rig makes the bait very visible to carp and is a good mouthful for large carp.

When the carp sucks the boilies into its mouth, it creates a wedge, with the popup pressing on the top of its mouth and the normal boilie pressing on the bottom of its mouth. This wedge usually causes the carp to panic and make a run for it giving some fantastic runs. Even if the carp is a cool customer, doesn’t panic, just sits there and spits the boilies out, he will find as he spits out the boilies the hook should hook his lip.

How to make this hair rig

What you need:

- 10lb braid or mono
- 3lb braid or mono
- swivel
- hook – size 6 - 8
- rubber tubing
- Glue

Making the hair rig:

- Cut a 30cm piece of the 10lb braid/mono
- Tie one end of the braid/mono to the swivel
- Cut two small 7mm pieces of rubber tubing
- Slide one of these pieces onto the 10lb braid/mono
- Tie the end of the 10lb braid/mono to the hook
- Slide the piece of rubber tubing along the 10lb braid/mono over the hook eye
- I usually put some glue on the hook eye and then slide the rubber tubing over the hook eye.
- Cut a 10cm piece of the 3lb braid/mono
- Tie a loop either end of the 3lb braid/mono – this is your hair
- Thread the hair through the other piece of tubing
- Slide the tubing onto the hook

One up one down hair rig sketch

You now have an adjustable one up one down hair rig. To make it fixed simply tie the hair to the hook.


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