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Berwick Buxted Catsfield
Chailey Crowborough Eastbourne
Framfield Furners Green Golden Cross
Hailsham Hastings Haywards Heath
Heathfield Horam Icklesham
Lewes Mayfield Newhaven
Ninfield Nutley Peasmarsh
Pevensey Polegate Robertsbridge
Rye Sedlescombe Uckfield
Udimore Forest Row

Fishing in Ninfield

Moor Hall Pools

Moor Hall Pools, Ninfield

Moor Hall Pools are two scenic lakes set on a tranquil rural countryside farm in the quiet village of Ninfield. The pools have some great views that overlook surrounding countryside but are slightly spoilt by power pylons. The top pool (above photo) is about an acre in size and the bottom is a slightly larger two acre lake.


Fishing in Nutley

no lake photo

Pippingford Park Estate Lakes, Nutley - Members only

Pippingford lakes are located on Pippingford Estate in Nutley. The lakes are set in the heart of England's beautiful Ashdown Forest. Situated within 1000 acres of beautiful parkland, Pippingford makes an ideal location for Corporate Events and Fishing Holidays. Pippingford Park also offers many services to the Film Industry. The Estate is made up of six lakes in the centre of the Ashdown Forest covering 22 acres. The lakes have deliberately been left to evolve in a natural manner in order to offer a non-commercialized fishing environment.


Fishing Peasmarsh

Iden Wood Fishery

Iden Wood Fishery, Peasmarsh

Iden Wood Fisheries is a well establised fishery that is made up of four man-made lakes and two natural lakes. The four man-made lakes are the top Spring Lake, the two match lakes just below the Spring Lake and the tench lake just below the second match lake. The Specimen Lake is a natural lake that is the largest lake of the fishery, stocked with the largest fish.


The Beeches

The Beeches, Peasmarsh

The Beeches is located in the peaceful countryside in between the coutry villages of Peasmarsh and Wittersham, East Sussex. It can be found a quarter of mile north of blackwall bridge on the left hand side of the road from Peasmarsh to Wittersham. The lake covers aproximately 1-2 acres of water. The water hosts a lot of match fish which include tench to 3lb, roach to 1lb, and rudd to 1lb.


Fishing in Pevensey

Sharnfold Farm Fishing

Sharnfold Farm Fishery, Pevensey

Sharnfold Farm Fishery is one of three man-made lakes dug in 1995. The other two lakes are used for irrigation and conservation. The fishable lake is a natural looking water that holds a number of different match fish including some beautiful specimen tench to over 6lb, bream to 3lb, barbell to 4lb, chub to 3lb and roach and rudd to 1lb 8oz. The lake also holds some small eels and good sized perch to 3lb 8oz.


Fishing in Polegate

Amazon Wood Fishery

Amazon Wood Fishery

Amazon Wood Fishery is a three lake fishery situated in 20 acres of peaceful Polegate woodland, East Sussex. The fishery was up until three years ago a series of eight 60 year old brick pits until the owner of Amazon Wood Fishery transformed the overgrown, deteriorated pits into three highly prolific fishing venues.


Fishing in Robertsbridge

Darwell Reservoir

Darwell Reservoir, Robertsbridge

Darwell Reservoir is a huge, deep 128 acre water located on the outskirts of Robertsbridge in a village called Mountfield, East Sussex. The water is a bit of an unknown. Darwell Reservoir had been a trout fishery since 1948 until two years ago when it became a coarse fishery. The true size of many of the reservoirs fish are still a mystery due to the vastness in size of the reservoir and the short period of time the water has been a coarse fishery. What is known is that the water holds some huge predatory fish including pike to 30lb+ and eels to 6lb+.


Vinehall Pond

Vinehall Pond, Robertsbridge

Vinehall Pond is a small 3/4 acre water located on the A21 next to Vinehall School on the outskirts of Robertsbridge. The water supports a number of small carp, roach and rudd. The water is controlled by Hastings and Bexhill Angling Club for members only.


Fishing in Rye

Point Field Pit Fishing Lake

Point Field Pit Fishing Lake, Clive Vale Angling Club

Point Field Pit is a 3 acre fishing lake that is located near the village of Camber, East Sussex. The lake was newly acquired by Clive Vale in 2013 and is an unknown water, the lake does hold carp to double figures, eels to over 5lb and rudd.



Rye Nook, Rye

Rye Nook is located just before Rye Harbour half way along Harbour Road. Rye Nook is a mixed fishery that supports some huge specimen fish including carp to 30lb+, bream to 4lb 8oz, tench to 8lb, shoals of large roach to 2lb+, large dace to 12oz, perch to 2lb, and extremely large eels have been taken from Rye Nook to 8lb 2oz. Rye Nook consists of four lakes which in total cover over 100acres.


no lake photo

Saunders Gravel Pit, Rye

Saunders Gravel Pit is located in Rye near Rye Harbour. The water contains some stunning fish for the match angler including some stunning tench to over 5lb, bream to 5lb and a number of roach and rudd to 1lb 8oz. Saunders Gravel Pit also holds some beautiful specimen common and mirror carp for the carp fisherman that reach 30lb.


Fishing in Sedlescombe

Powdermill Reservoir

Powdermill Reservoir, Sedlescombe (Trout)

Powdermills reservoir is a 56 acre reservoir located in the heart of the peaceful Sedlescombe countryside. Powdermills reservoir is a well stocked trout fishery that holds some large fish with stocking taking place on weekly intervals. The current rainbow trout record is 15lb and the brown trout record is 10lb. The water is controlled by Hastings Fly Fishers Club. The club offer a number of facilities including a well equipped club house, boats, and a large parking area. Powdermills is ideal for disabled anglers with their needs catered for with the use of ramps, paths and a toilet suitable for wheel chair users together with a specially constructed "Wheely" boat for disabled anglers.


Fishing in Uckfield

Piltdown Pond

Piltdown Pond, Piltdown

Piltdown pond is a large 4 acre picturess pond located about two miles north-west of Uckfield. Piltdown pond is no longer controled by the local Piltdown Golf Club. The water is now in the control of Copthorne & District Angling Society (C&DAS). There is a transition period until 1st July 2005 where anglers may still enjoy fishing on the basis they have been, beyond the 1st July 2005 anglers must either purchase a Piltdown Pond Permit (PPP) or join Copthorne & District Angling Society (C&DAS). The water holds some large carp to 31lb, tench to 7lb+, bream to 6lb, roach, rudd, perch to 3lb, eels to 5lb 8oz and some large pike which are rumoured to reach 28lb.


Fishing in Udimore

no lake photo

Billingham Lake, Udimore

Billingham is a very shallow lake located in Udimore on Billingham farm. The maximum number of anglers allowed on this water is 12, or 6 cars. The water contains a lot of small carp that reach 6lb, a number of small roach and rudd to 1lb, small tench to just over 2lb and some small eels.


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