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Club water run byHastings & Bexhill fishing club (no day tickets).

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Normanhurst Lake

Normanhurst is a relaxing, picturess 5 acre kidney shaped lake located in Broomham wood in Catsfield. The water and surroundings support a lot of woodland wildlife. Normanhurst is a profolific water that supports a sizeable number of fish for the match fisherman including some huge tench to 8lb+, and many double figure carp for the carp enthusiast that reach 27lb. Normanhurst is a members only water controlled by Hastings, bexhill and district freshwater angling association.

fish species

Mirror Carp Common Carp Roach eel
Carp : 27lb
Carp : 20+lb
Rudd: 8lb+ Eel: 4lb
Rudd Roach Perch Chub  
Rudd: 1lb+ Roach: 1lb+ Perch : 3lb+ Chub : 1lb+  

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Normanhurst Lake - a 2-3 acre kidney shaped lake set in Catsfield woodland.

Normanhurst Fishing Lake

Normanhurst is a picturess 5 acre water that is situated in the heart of the relaxing wooded Catsfield countryside. The kidney shaped water is surrounded by the woods overhanging trees and bushes that give the water a real feel of secludedness. The far end of the lake is shallow with large patches of lilly pads in the centre. The near end is a lot deeper and wider than the far end. There are a few scattered patches of lillies in the margins. There are numerous flat swims that peer out between the trees and bushes all around the lake with some of the swims more prominent than others. There are a number of small swims that poke through thick bushes that gives the angler an opputunity of stalking the fish. The deepest regions of the lake reach approximately 8-10 feet with the shallowest regions measuring a couple of feet. Baits that are successful with the Normanhurst fish include boilies, bread and dog biscuits for the large carp, and maggots and lobworms for the match fish.


Features: Overhanging trees and bushes, Reeds, Lilly pads
Lake Size: 5 acres
Lake Depth: 8-10ft
Swims: 20

There is no one specific hotspot on Normanhurst Lake, you stand just as good a chance of catching a large double in which ever swim you choose to fish, whether you ledger a boilie in the deeper regions of the lake, dangle a dog biscuit under the overhanging bushes or fish tight to the lilles on the far end of the water. A favoured technique in the early hours of the morning that always seems to produce good results is to surface feed in amongst a handfull of dog biscuits. Another good technique is to ledger boilies tight to the large lilly patch at the far end of the lake. Ledgered boilies are also known to take some of the large specimen tench in the lake. There are some good sized match fish within Normanhurst Lake, but these can sometimes be hard to catch due to the scores of small silver fish that take your bait before it has chance to hit the surface.Normanhurst Lake



ticket prices

Club water run byHastings & Bexhill angling club (no day tickets available).

Members no longer need to obtain an additional day ticket for this fishing venue. This is being trialed by Hastings and Bexhill Angling Club and day tickets may be required at a later date.

contact details

For CLub contact details please click link below:
Club:Hastings, Bexhill And District Freshwater Angling Association >>


Take the B2095/B2204 into Catsfield. Take the first right past the shop into Skinners Lane. For further instructions contact Hastings and Bexhill Fishing Club.

user reviews and tips

"A very nice water"

review from paddy

"some stunning tench"

"Ideal for anyone wanting to catch a large tench...I've caught a couple of large tench to 8lb on boilies, been trying to catch carp but I can't complain at catching an 8lb tench.".

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