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How much is it to join Cranbrook Angling Club?:

adult ticket from: 85 junior from: 15


Cranbrook and District Angling Club

Cranbrook & District Angling Club is located in Kent with some great angling for all types of fishermen on a wide range of fresh water fishing venues in Kent and Sussex. Cranbrook Angling ClubCranbrook & District Angling Club was established in 1951and has been growing ever since with over 700 members to date. The Club offers something for everyone whether it is specimen hunting, match fishing or of course simply fishing for pleasure, with some exclusive waters.

The Cranbrook Angling Club also have a match section where matches are held most Sundays and anyone can join in. Match venues and dates are printed on your membership card so you know where and when they are.

What can you catch on Cranbrooks club waters?

Club waters hold a wide variety of fish including: Carp to 38lb, Grass Carp to 30lb, Catfish (wels) to 72lb+, Pike to 30lb, Tench to 13lb, Bream to 17lb, Rudd to 3lb, Eels to 9lb, Specimen Roach, Specimen Perch, Gudgeon and Chub.


club waters


1. Burnt Wood Lake 2. Darwell Reservoir 3 . Park Farm Reservoir 4. Pattenden Lane Reservoir
5. Rosemary Lakes 6. Saw Lodge Farm Lakes 7. Springwood Fishery 8. Windsurf Gravel Pit
9. Runham Lakes 10. Brookland Reservoir    


1. River Medway 2. Royal Military Canal 3. River Rother

Cranbrook Angling Club Lakes


Burnt Wood LakeBurnt Wood Lake

Burnt Wood is a beautiful lake owned by Cranbrook and District Angling club. This 1.5 acre water is stocked with Carp, Bream, Roach, Rudd along with some large Perch. There is a lot of cover making this little lake ideal for stalking.


Darwell ReservoirDarwell Reservoir, Robertsbridge

Darwell Reservoir is a huge, deep 128 acre water located in a village called Mountfield. The water is a bit of an unknown. Darwell Reservoir had been a trout fishery since 1948 until a few years ago when it became a coarse fishery. The true size of many of the reservoirs fish are still a mystery due to the vastness in size of the reservoir and the short period of time the water has been a coarse fishery.


Park Farm ReservoirPark Farm Reservoir

A quiet 1 1/2 acre reservoir lined with reeds. Stocked with some good size Carp, a number of Roach, Tench and some good specimen Rudd. Park Farm Reservoir is situated right next to an orchard. 


Pattenden Lane ReservoirPattenden Lane Reservoir

Pattenden Lane is a 2 acre Reservoir surrounded by overhanging willow trees. The water is stocked with a small number of fish due to a loss of fish in 2012. Current fish species include Carp to double figures, Tench and Perch.


Rosemary LakeRosemary Lakes

Rosemary lakes is a Cranbrook angling club water that consists of 3 well stocked coarse fishing lakes that hold Carp, Ghosties, Perch, Tench and Rudd. Each water is less than an acre in size with some nice features including lilly pads, overhanging trees and shrubs. These waters are ideal for a spot of match fishing.


Saw Lodge Farm LakesSaw Lodge Farm Lakes

Saw Lodge Farm Lakes are a popular fishing venue with both Match and Carp anglers. Fishery is made up of two lakes the largest being a 2 acre lake and two ponds with Carp in all four waters that go up to 20lb+ though the majority are in single figures, lakes also include Rudd and Roach. All lakes are well stocked with fish making them ideal for youngsters and match anglers.


Springwood FisherySpringwood Fishery

Springwood Fishery is set within stunning woodland and comprises of 4 fishing lakes the largest a 3 acre lake up to 14 feet (4.26 metres) deep, stocked with some large Carp to 30lb and Catfish to 72lbs. These waters hold a wide range of fish species between the 4 fishing lakes including Common, Mirror and Grass Carp, Tench, Catfish, Bream, Golden Orfe , Rudd and Perch.


Windsurf Gravel PitWindsurf Gravel Pit

A reed fringed gravel pit thats up to 10 feet (3 metres) in depth. This 8 acre stillwater holds Pike, Eels, some good sized Tench and Bream that run well into double figures, Carp to over 30lb (a 32lb common carp was recorded in 2012 ) plus some large Roach and Rudd.


Ticehurst PondRunham Lakes

A charming 5 acre estate lake in Harrietsham.

This fishing venue contains lots of Carp around 4lb with some to 10lb, Tench to 5lb, Rudd, Roach, and has also been stocked 200 Chub and 200 Perch in 2015.

The River Len runs through it which provides plenty of good quality water keeping the fish feeding and making the fishing perfect for beginners and pleasure anglers alike.


Ticehurst PondBrookland Reservoir

A well established 5 acre farm reservoir set in beautiful quiet countryside.

From recent catch reports, we know it contains Carp to 22lb, as well as some fabulous Roach and Tench. As usual, we have been told of larger Carp but at the moment these are unconfirmed.


Cranbrook Angling Club Rivers


membership prices

Membership Prices:

Adult: 85

Juniors:Was:30 -Now: 15

OAP: £45

Intermediates (16-18) : 20

Members Guest Tickets are also available at £15.00 per 24 hrs
There is NO joining fee for new members.

*£10 Work Party Levy will be credited towards membership subscription upon renewal the following year, if a Work Party is attended, or refunded, upon request, if member decides not to renew their membership.

(Levy does not apply to senior citizen, disabled persons, intermediates and junior members)

contact details

For information on anything regarding the club and its waters please contact:
Dave Sherwood Publicity Officer and Bailiff
Email: info@cranbrookanglingclub.co.uk
Website: www.cranbrookanglingclub.co.uk
Tel: 07973 383952

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