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Saunders Gravel Pit

Saunders Gravel Pit, Rye, Club

Saunders Gravel Pit is located in Rye near Rye Harbour. The water contains some stunning fish for the match angler including some stunning tench to over 5lb, bream to 5lb and a number of roach and rudd to 2lb+. Saunders Gravel Pit also holds some beautiful specimen common and mirror carp for the carp fisherman that reach 30lb+.

Scaland Wood

Scaland Wood - Club only

Scaland Wood lake is a small, peaceful water that is 3/4 acre in size. The lake is sheltered by woodland trees, features include: weed patches, reeds and overhanging trees and bushes. The water is stocked with lots of fish including lots of small tench and roach and a number of carp to 12lb.

Sharnfold Farm Fishing

Sharnfold farm lakes, pevensey

Sharnfold Farm Fishery is one of three man-made lakes dug in 1995. The other two lakes are used for irrigation and conservation. The fishable lake is a natural looking water that holds a number of different match fish including beautiful specimen tench to 6lb+, bream, barbell to 4lb, chub, roach, perch..

Shannons Old Lake

Shannons Old Lake

A delightful little 1/2 acre lake that provides a great days match fishing. Shannons Old Lake is well stocked with a mix of coarse fish the largest being a 10lb common recorded in 2010, the lake also holds tench, perch, chub, gudgeon, roach and rudd. The lake has many features to fish with clumps of lily pads, marginal reeds and overhanging shrubs.

Southbourne Lake

Southbourne Lake, Club only

Southbourne Lake is a picturess 5½ acre lake located in Eastbourne by the mini railway. Southbourne Lake has been stocked heavily with large specimen mirror carp which were introduced into the water a couple of years ago. Smaller mirror carp were introduced into Southbourne Lake during the winter of 93/94.

Swanborough Fishery

Swanborough Fishery - Lewes

Swanborough Fishery is a three lake fishery set in amongst the scenic South Downs. The lakes are set on flat open fields. Each lake is surrounded by large clumps of reeds.

The Beeches

The Beeches, Peasmarsh, Club

The Beeches is located in the peaceful countryside in between the villages of Peasmarsh and Wittersham. to Wittersham. The lake covers aproximately 1-2 acres of water. The water hosts a lot of match fish which include tench to 4lb, roach to 2lb, and rudd to 2lb along with carp to 15lb+.

no lake photo

Thornden Pond - Ashburnham

Coming Soon

Tunnel Lake

Tunnel Lake - Club only

Tunnel lake is a small, relaxing woodland water that is aproximately 1/2 an acre in size. The lake contains many features including lilly pads, weed patches, reeds and overhanging trees/bushes. The water is stocked with some nice sized carp and rudd.


Underhill Lake

Underhill Lake - Club only

Underhill lake is a small but pretty water that is aproximately 1 acre in size. The lake contains many features including lots of lillies, weed patches, reeds and overhanging trees. The water is stocked with many coarse fish including some good sized tench and perch.

Vinehall Pond

Vinehall Pond, Robertsbridge

Vinehall Pond is a small 3/4 acre water located on the A21 next to Vinehall School on the outskirts of Robertsbridge. The water supports a number of small carp, roach and rudd. The water is controlled by Hastings and Bexhill Angling Club for members only.

River Wallers Haven

River Wallers Haven - East Sussex

Wallers Haven is a slow flowing river in East Sussex that can be around 15 feet deep in places with the edges of the river lined with reeds.

As with the majority of rivers the Wallers Haven holds some impressive Pike along with a range of fish often found in rivers including Carp reported to go to 30lb+, Tench, Bream, Roach Rudd, Eels, Perch and the ocasional Ruffe.

Weir Wood Reservoir

Weir Wood Reservoir

Weir Wood Reservoir is a 280 acre water located in the Sussex weald near the village of Forest Row next to Ashdown forest. It offers beautiful views and secluded areas. The reservoir is stocked with a wide range of fish including pike, mirror carp, common carp, bream, roach, perch, rudd and eels.

Wirgol Ponds

Wirgol Ponds - Club only

Wirgol ponds are 2 small 1/2 acre waters located between Crowborough and Hadlow Down. Wirgol ponds between them contain some beautiful carp to 20lb+, crucian carp to over 2lb, tench to 5lb, small roach to 1lb and some good perch. The water is for members and guests only.

Wishing Tree Reservoir

Wishing Tree Reservoir

Wishing Tree Reservoir is a highly profolific water that hosts a large variety of fish of various sizes. The water is renowned for its large amounts of carp. Wishing Tree Reservoirs competition catches in the past have resulted in the winner bagging a catch of over 130lb.

Wylands fishery

Wylands Fishery - Catsfield

Wylands Fisheries otherwise known as Wylands International Angling Centre is located on Powdermill Lane which runs in between Battle and Catsfield. Wylands is a well established fishery that spans across 150 acres of relaxing countryside. The waters between them make fishing suitable for any class of angler. Wylands fisheries offers exceptional facilties to the angler including on-site parking, night fishing, camping, caravaning, self catering chalets (sleep 2) static caravans (sleep 6), a snack bar, tackle shop, male, female and disabled toilets and some beautiful county walks.

Caravan CafeNight FishingParkingShowersTackle Shop

Yew Tree Trout Fishery

Yew Tree Trout Fishery


Located next to the village of Rotherfield in East Sussex is Yew Tree a 3 lake trout fishery, a fishery that has been established over 35 years and is set in over 30 acres of picturesque grass and woodlands providing a peaceful setting for anglers to enjoy fly fishing.


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